My Poetry & Fiction

There Was a Sound
A children’s poem, ideally as an illustrated book.

A Tail of Bravery
A story of a very brave cat, and one of my favorite pieces that I’ve written.

An Unfinished Tale of a Villainous Pirate
Another Excerpt from An Unfinished Tale of a Villainous Pirate
The start of an epic (literally) poem about a fictitious villainous pirate, done in Chaucerian couplets, with the rhythm of The Night Before Christmas and a smattering of true stories and Norse folktales.

Easily one of my favorite pieces of writing that I’ve done. A short story about an imaginative girl who wants to grow herself some birds. I have a few additional stories about this character, and hope to develop a series of them over time.

The Forgotten Knight
Bandits Along the Road
The Blacksmith’s Apprentice
The Smell of the Peat
A growing collection of vaguely Arthurian poems exploring the darker side of the chivalric life.